What do I need to know?


There are not a lot of new policies or requirements that relate to this stage of your candidature. Most of the policies, requirements, and conditions can be found under this tab in Stage 1, so you can head back there to refer to them. However, you may have now reached the point in your candidature where publishing, IP and data management are emerging priorities and are more relevant. 
We have included some details about those below. Also, during your candidature you may experience a change in your circumstances or just need to refresh yourself on how to keep going and making progress. Helpful details about these things are also below.

How to maintain your enrolment
Getting the most out of your Research Progress Review
How to develop realistic, achievable milestones for your research project
Tools for developing a Thesis Plan, managing your time and developing a regular writing practice
How to make changes to your candidature
How to make changes to your supervision panel
How to apply for Fieldwork or Working Away from the University
How to apply for leave
UNSW HDR Academic Calendar
Responsible Conduct of Research
Research Integrity
Research Data Management
Where do I learn about Intellectual Property?
How do I handle authorship on a joint publication?
Where can I learn about Research Ethics?
What do I need to do?


You have now made it through the first year of your candidature. Well done! Stage 2 is where you now really focus on making progress on your research so you can reach your goals. 

Now more than ever it is critical that you set milestones and refine your thesis plan. Engaging with the annual Research Progress Review (RPR) process is important as it allows you to demonstrate your progress to an independent panel and get feedback and support. While this stage is often focused around conducting the actual research, it is important to continue building your skills, including writing parts of your thesis.

Review your goals and milestones against your achievements, and plan for your next year of candidature
Develop a clear and realistic Thesis Plan. Make sure it matches your revised goals and milestones.
Discuss with your supervisor
Attend the Research Progress Review Seminar
Review your Research Data Management Plan and update if needed
Use Data Storage Platforms supported by UNSW
Handle sensitive data appropriately
Ensure you understand and abide by Intellectual Property policy
Explore other available tools and resources to help you manage your data effectively
“Shut Up and Write” Weekly HDR Writing Group
Research Progress Review Seminar
Thesis Submission Seminar
Using Publications in Your Thesis Seminar
HDR Wellbeing Workshops
Stats Central Courses
Research Technology Services Courses
Weekly Hacky Hour for UNSW Researchers
Beginning to Teach Course for UNSW HDRs
Entrepreneurial HDR (eHDR)
Founders Program for Entrepreneurship
Peter Farrell Cup
Explore internship opportunities
Explore the opportunities in "What Else is Available" and all other focus areas
Follow the Scientia Career and Professional Development program
Submit your reflections on the career development activities you undertook during your final year of candidature
What else is available?


Doing a Higher Degree by Research should be a great experience. Choosing to do your degree at UNSW means that you have the benefit of having many resources, training providers and support structures available to you to enhance your time here. Make sure you utilise the many opportunities and resources that we have across the whole of UNSW. We have tried to list as many services as we can, but it is always a good idea to ask your supervisors, Postgraduate Coordinator, academics or friends about other opportunities that may be available, especially those offered at the School or Faculty level.

Research Progress Review Seminar
UNSW 3 Minute Thesis Competition
"Shut Up and Write" weekly HDR writing group
Thesis Writing Boot Camp
Stats Central Courses
Research Technology Training
Weekly Hacky Hour for UNSW researchers
Beginning to Teach for HDRs and ECRs
Other Learning and Teaching Resources for HDRs
Academic Skills Workshops
Book a consultation with an Academic Facilitator
Career Development Seminars
International Student Career Resources
Career Advice Consultations
HDR Wellbeing Resources
HDR Counselling Resources
UNSW Entrepreneurial HDR (eHDR) Program
UNSW Founders Program
Peter Farrell Cup
Founders New Wave for Women in Entrepreneurship
Industry Mentoring Network in STEM (IMNIS)
Michael Crouch Innovation Centre
Support for Your Research
Publishing and Sharing Your Research
Managing and Evaluating Your Research
Smarthinking online support for writing
AGSM @ UNSW Business School Short Courses in leadership, communication and strategy
NIDA communication, presentation and leadership courses
iThinkWell free HDR resources for developing a Thesis Plan, managing your time, and developing a regular writing practice
The Thesis Whisperer online blog for researchers
Need help?


Doing your Higher Degree by Research is exciting, but it is also possible for it to be a stressful time. You are not in this adventure alone, and it is important to ask for help when you need it. While your supervisors and school should be a great support for you, it is important to remember that you can get support from other people. The University has numerous resources and support structures in place to help throughout your candidature. Some of the key contacts and support structures are below.

School Postgraduate Coordinators
Faculty Associate Deans (Research Training)
Graduate Research School Candidature Management Officers
Equitable Learning Services
Student Support Advisors
International Student Advisors
UNSW Health Service
UNSW Psychology and Wellness
UNSW Information Technology (IT) Services
UNSW Gendered Violence
Arc @ UNSW Student Organisation
Arc Postgraduate Council
Arc @ UNSW Legal and Advocacy Service
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Engaging & Knowledge Exchange
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Research Project & Skills