What do I need to know?
Policies, Procedures & Guidelines
Intellectual Property (IP) Policy
Plagiarism Policy
Peer Review - Responsible Peer Review Procedure
Authorship and Resolving Disputes Between Authors Procedure
What do I need to do?
Build your Profile
Attend conferences in your disciplinary area
Establish an online Researcher profile
Familiarise yourself with UNSW's Research Outputs System (ROS)
Contact your UNSW Outreach Librarian
Find out how the Library can support the publication and sharing of your research
ORCID - Open Researcher and Contributor iD
**Scientia Candidates – attend the Planning Your Publication Strategy Workshop
What else is available?
Build your Profile
Establish an online profile through Social Media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Academia.edu)
3MT Development Series
Participate in the annual UNSW 3MT Competition
Article: Presenting your research effectively and with confidence
Article: Academic conference tips
Article: Connecting on LinkedIn (Inside Higher Ed)
Consider applying for the Development and Research Training Grant (DRTG) Scheme
Weekly "Shut Up & Write"
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Leading & Working with others
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Learning & Teaching